Central Coast Country Dance
Hosted by Vanessa Robertson

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I hope you dance...
with heart and soul.


Ruben Luna - an award winning choreographer having won many choreography competitions including 3 first place wins at the UCWDC world championships, Las Vegas Dance Explosion, Chicago Windy City Line Dance Mania, Boston Showdown and Ft Wayne Dance For All. Ruben has also been nominated for several Dancer choice awards including Dance of the Year and Male Instructor of year. Ruben received the 2009 Dancers Choice Horizon Award and recently received the 2013 Dancers Choice Male Personality of the Year Award.

Ruben’s love of dance helped him create popular dances such as “Hey Soul Sister” (co-written with Bracken Ellis) which reached the #1 spot for approx. 8 weeks in Carol Cravens WLDN),  “Regresa”, “If I Could Change”, “Just The Two Of Us”, “A Little Party” (co-written with Jill Babinec  “Trendin” (co-written with Sobriello and the Kinsers) and “Smooth Operator” (co-written with Michael Barr, Scott Schrank)

Ruben owes his success in line dance to his wife Susanna for without her he may never have line danced. She was persistent in asking him to take a class with her which he refused because he did not think he would like it very much. Eventually Ruben decided to attend a line dance class and a dance addict was born. Ruben began taking lessons 3 days a week and eventually began choreographing.

Ruben enjoys traveling and teaching line dance throughout the country.

When not dancing you will find Ruben watching sports, hiking, traveling, spending time with family and running his own Marketing & Advertising businesses.

(photo courtesy of garyandpierresilva.com)

Louise Bretz - Together with her husband, Woody, Louise has been teaching and promoting West Coast Swing in Ventura for over 20 years. She has been an active competitor and choreographer, bringing home several awards from the US Open Swing Dance Championships and coaching a team to a UCWDC World Championship. In 2014 Woody and Louise were inducted as a couple into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame. Louise’s favorite things are experiencing a “magic” connection in a dance, and seeing students experience a “light bulb” moment.

Pat Eodice - It all started with teaching a church group Country 2-Step in 1987. Since then he expanded teachng to include line dancing, west coast swing and other country couples dances. He started competing in country dance competitions as a choreographer and in couples competitions. Pat has won may awards in country line dancing competitions as well as teams and couples that he instructed.

Currently he teaches Ballroom, Swing and Latin out of a studio in Pacific Grove, Ca. He believes that the true test of his abilities lies in the dancing of his students and not in his own individual dancing.

Jan Blakely - I discovered Line Dance while vacationing in Morro Bay (1995).  When I returned to Bakersfield, I found a wonderful instructor (Tyoni Busch) and she became my mentor, enabling me to present a dance I had choreographed for the “Pismo Western Days” competition that next year.  I have been teaching and choreographing line dances ever since.  I currently teach September thru June at the Masonic Temple building in Bakersfield:  “Beginner” class each Wednesday & “Intermediate” class each Thursday.  Then, in July & August each summer, I teach line dance for the Parks & Recreation in Morro Bay & at the Morro Shores Mobile Home Park in Los Osos.  I LOVE line dancing & I LOVE the people!  WHAT FUN ! !

Lee Anne Edie - Taking her first dance class ever in 1981 Lee Anne found she loved to dance. Seeing her potential during the first two months of class, her instructor asked her to co-instruct and after one month began teaching her own classes. Lee Anne has been teaching dance throughout Santa Barbara County ever since. She competed in the United Country Western Dance Council (UCWDC) events for almost three years, has been a guest instructor at numerous events, and continues to share her love of dance through group and private lessons by teaching students the expectation of their roll in the dance partnership.

 “Some pastimes are better when shared, and dance is definitely one of them.” Her motto: Practice deliberately always seeking to correct and improve!


Mark & Jill - I started dancing East Coast Swing in 1988. I met Mark in 1991 at the Carrillo Recreation Center when he had taken 6 weeks of West Coast Swing and we've been dancing & romancing ever since. We enjoy sharing and socializing in WCS, Hustle, Night Club 2-step, Tango, and Country 2-Step.


Norman Gifford - As a “single again” person in the late 1980’s, I turned to Country Western dancing and music as a way to re-enter the dating scene. I joined a local country dance club where I was privileged to take couples lessons from such greats as Dave Getty, Robert Royston, and Michelle Kinkaid along with other excellent local instructors. My interest in line dancing came when my then girlfriend, now wife (a linedance teacher and social country dancer) suggested that teaching line dancing might be a good thing for me to do. Achy Breaky Heart had recently hit the air, and linedancing was enjoying a great deal of interest. I started taking line dance lessons and soon had other dancers asking me for help with dance steps.

My education as a Chiropractor gave me a good understanding of biomechanics and with a B.A. in Music Education, I found that I could teach others how to enjoy dancing. My first teaching job was in 1992 at a mobile home park teaching senior citizens how to line dance. The gratitude and appreciation that I received from them spurred me into expanding my teaching activities into Park & Recreation districts all around the greater Sacramento area. For many years I taught up to eight classes per week of beginner and intermediate dancing.

The need for a safe, social environment in which to linedance led my wife & I to sponsor dances through the various Park & Recreation Districts where we taught. I became the DJ, and my wife took over the task of assisting beginners at the dances. We presently do a dance each month on the first Sunday afternoon at the Community Center in Fair Oaks, CA.

In 1996, the need for new line dances that appealed to my students led me into linedance choreography. I have created over 100 linedances over the years and am thrilled at the success that “Burlesque” has garnered. I was inspired to do the dance after watching the credits to the movie Burlesque where Cher sang the song “Welcome to Burlesque”. Reflecting back, I was also driven by the music to choreograph “Sway Me Now” in 2005 after seeing the movie “Shall We Dance?” with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. Other popular dances of mine include: A Love Worth Waiting 4, Behind Closed Doors, Sparkle & Shine, and A Kiss 4 Me. In the Las Vegas Dance Explosion 2012 my dance Amor de Rumba placed 1st in the Beginner Division and Amica Mia placed 2nd in the non-phrased Intermediate Division. I have been published in Linedancer Magazine in both the First in Line and Steppin’ Off The Page sections.

I have had the repeated privilege to be an invited instructor at the Pismo Beach Country Western Dance Festival, subsequently Clovis Western Days, Cambria Western Dance Festival, and Boogie ‘til the Cows Come Home and have been the DJ for Scooter Lee’s “Dancing for the Dream” event in the Sacramento area from 2008 to 2015. As a choreography competition winner I have been invited to teach in Las Vegas at the Vegas Dance Explosion. My dance choreography can also be found on other sites including Linedancer Magazine and Copperknob.

Kristal Lynn Konzen - has been dancing since the age of 3 in the areas of ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and training at the Academy of Dance in Westlake village, CA under the direction of Lilly Alexander. During this time, Kristal  participated in her school talent shows and plays and her studio's yearly dance recitals and competitions, including choreographing and performing solo performances.

Beginning 2001 she began working as an office manager and dance instructor at the studio, and fell in love with teaching and sharing her passion for dance with others. She worked for Academy of Dance for five years.

Kristal Lynn went on to take dance classes and perform for Moorpark College, and has auditioned for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders - making semi finals in 2008.

In 2009, Kristal Lynn discovered her love for country dance and began seriously studying line dance and two step. In 2013, she was the Lead Dancer for the Walking Phoenix Girls, who accompanied the Walking Phoenixes Band at their local shows.

Kristal Lynn has been currently teaching at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks since 2013 and Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar in Oxnard from opening in 2014 until their close in 2015, and also teaches line dance lessons for Country Nights at various local venues, as well as at various local concerts, private events, and private parties, including several events featuring local country band, Southern Caliber.

Since 2014 she has attended the Las Vegas Dance Explosion Convention, specializing in Country Line Dance, and performed her own choreography for their competition showcase in 2014. Kristal Lynn also enjoys volunteering and teaching for local community charity events, and conducts her own Line Dance Workshops once a month in Newbury Park, CA.

    Kristal Lynn absolutely loves country music and performing, and cannot wait to share her experience with her students. Through country dance she has been able to excite the local community about the new wave of country music popularity and is able to help the most beginner dancer feel comfortable and improve, and help more experienced dancers learn new dances and expand their knowledge. Kristal Lynn also has not only had the opportunity to create her own projects for special events, but also regularly choreographs her own line dances, including "Timber", "Fires Out", "Crooked Halo", "GMDA", and "High Class" - some of which have reached across the country to Richmond, VA and New Jersey.

Cliff Housego -  developed his love of dancing during the country craze in the early 80s. That led him to dancing competitively in the UCWDC circuit, where he finished first overall in Silver Advanced. Cliff danced in the Hustle USA competition and is currently a member of the LA Hustle Movement Competitive Dance Team.

As the owner of Total Entertainment DJ's inc., Cliff has been a DJ and Master of Ceremonies at all of the major West Coast Swing and Country events here in Southern California. Presently, Cliff DJ's and Teaches a monthly West Coast Swing Dance event in partnership with Louise and Woody Brett and additionally Cliff Djs, MC's and teaches dance at his monthly country and swing dance at the House of Dance in Ventura. Cliff has been teaching WCS and Night Club Two Step every Tuesday for the past 24 years at The Borderline in Thousand Oaks.

Cliff would also like to thank Vannessa for having him as a part of her beautiful event here in Solvang!

Lisa Kay Harwin - is from Santa Barbara. Her dance instructions emphasize safety and fun, through technique and humor. Her mentors have been among the tops…Skippy Blair, Mary Ann Nunez and Sonny Watson.  She uses much of her curriculum from the “Golden State Dance Teachers Association” along with her own innovative teachings. Lisa looks forward to  “Stepping Up Your Swing”. 

Bill Elmer - has been teaching dance for the last decade+. He has done this out of love for dance rather than for survival! Bill started competing in 2000, something he does to this day, although to a lesser extent. He has happily taught in Santa Barbara through Parks and Rec for nearly 10 years and at Borderline in Thousand Oaks, going on 5 years now, as well as choreographing many wedding dances. His favorite dances are Country Two Step and Nite Club Two Step.

Vanessa Robertson - Started taking line dance lessons in 2004. Loved it and expanded into learning all the country couples dances. Then one day I decided that Djing and teaching line dances would be fun! I have choreographed a few line dances "Here for a Good Time", "Til You Hear a Banjo", and "All Good in the Woods". I have DJ'd many weddings, and I teach 2-step and line dancing Tuesday & Thursday nights at The Maverick in Santa Ynez and Monday nights at the Oasis Center in Orcutt. I also have a Friday Night Country dance in downtown Santa Barbara the 2nd and 4th Friday nights or sometimes I hire a live band for a Saturday night...And now I'm enjoying my next adventure of hosting a year dance event..."Central Coast Country Dance Event" Loving it!!!